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Discraft Avenger SS

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

In this review, I wanted to revisit a disc previously looked at in another review and break down one of the more user and beginner friendly distance drivers on the market, and that distance driver is the...

When I was early in my disc golfing career, the Avenger SS came highly recommended to me by more experienced local players as an easy to throw, yet long distance driver option for me, and I would definitely say that this disc did not disappoint.

In fact, even as my bag as gone through numerous progression and changes, the Avenger SS has become a staple of my bag and been a mainstay since the very beginning.

I have used it for various shots as my skills improved, but its varying uses have shown its versatility to me and I have always found a need for it and have kept it around.

Shown here is my personally bagged Avenger SS in ESP plastic!

Initially, it was simply my go to disc for when I needed maximum distance.

At the time, I was lucky to throw 300 feet on a good day, but this disc felt so comfortable and natural in my hand that it was hard not to use it for these types of shots.

Because it was a little more understable than my Innova Valkyrie, I soon realized I was able to achieve a nice S shaped flight pattern with it, even when under powered.

As my arm speed developed, I still gravitated towards this disc for maximum distance but by throwing hyzer flips with it rather than hard flat releases.

The turn of -3 and fade of 1 made it perfect for the job!

I have since moved up to slightly faster discs for maximum distance, but because of its turn and fade ratings, the Avenger SS continues to be my disc of choice for long approach shots down a tight tunnel and especially for uphill shots to the basket, even off the tee.

You won't find my pros throwing this distance driver for normal shots, but many will actually use it for rollers.

This is not something I've used it for, but I'm also not much of a roller thrower in most situations.

Before going any further,

Let's check out the full specs and expected flight path of the Avenger SS!

Discraft Avenger SS Flight Numbers

Speed: 9.8

Glide: 4.9

Turn: -2.9

Fade: 1

Primary use: Understable Distance driver for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced players


-Reliably understable

-Great for hyzer flips, uphill shots, and tailwinds

-Also works extremely well for rollers

-A great entry level distance driver for beginners looking for maximum distance


-Can be flippy at times if released with too much power and too much anhyzer

-Seems to fly slower than the indicated speed of 10 at times, resulting in overpowering from stronger, faster arms

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As mentioned, this disc has been very good to me, even for all the shots that I have used it for.

Regardless of what I needed out of it, it was able to get the job done for me, and get it done extremely well.

One thing that has been a bit disappointing for me is that occasionally I will still try to throw it for a regular, long distance shot, but because my arm is faster than before, I find it harder to control in these situations and have turned it over more times than I would have liked.

It does still excel in uphill shot situations, which as mentioned is why it remains my primary disc for these scenarios, and why I have not moved on from it at this point.

While I think it is best suited for new players looking to bump up from control drivers and test the distance driver waters, I firmly believe that any player of any skill could find a use for this disc, just as I have.

If you have not ever thrown an Avenger SS, I highly suggest you do, even if you don't feel you need it.

It may just surprise you and find a way into your bag one way or another!

Check it today!

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