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Discraft Hades

For this review, we're going to take a look at a fairly new distance driver offering from Discraft:

This understable distance driver is sure to amaze you in it's long flight path, and is easily one of my favorite distance drivers so far.

The first thing you'll notice about this driver is it's impressive glide rating, which comes in at 6.

I appreciate the glide to help me gain some extra distance, even when I'm not quite able to get this disc flying its fastest allowed by its rated speed of 12.

As stated, the Hades is considered to be understable, and you will definitely see its turn rating of -3 in flight, especially in head winds as this disc will want to turn to the right most of the time.

The unique thing I feel with this disc is that even with its tendency to turn, it always wants to fight to fade back to the left.

Even if I manage to turn it over, it really wants to flatten out at the end of it's flight, rather than "turning and burning" like other understable discs that I've thrown.

While playing with this disc, there have been many instances where I've watched it turnover mid flight and thought to myself, "shoot, there it goes, I turned it over", disappointed that I didn't hit my line and release angle perfectly.

I think this, only to watch the disc come back to center, seemingly under any condition.

Before we discuss anything else about this disc,

Let's check the full specs!

Discraft Hades Flight Numbers

Speed: 12

Glide: 6

Turn: -3

Fade: 1.9

Primary use: Understable distance driver for intermediate/advanced players


-Noticeable glide will add distance to your throw

-Will fight hard to fade back to mid-line

-Easy to throw and surprisingly versatile for more experienced players

-Not very beginner friendly


-Will still turnover in headwinds

-Can be finicky with release angle

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While I have come to love this disc, there has definitely been some learning done, and lots of learning left to do before I can really say I'm confident with it for every single throw.

One thing I have noticed is that it for me and my throwing style is very sensitive to release angle.

I don't yet have the arm strength to release this disc on any amount of hyzer and still expect it to flip to flat, turn, and fade back to center, at least on any consistent basis as sometimes it will.

Instead, most of the time the disc wants to briefly flip to flat, before fading earlier than I'd expect with hyzer release from a disc with a turn of -3.

When I am able to release this disc flat however, it seems to just go and go, and as I stated before, it always wants to fight to come back to center.

Even when it doesn't, it wants to softly land flat to the ground nice and gently.

I suspect that with use, this disc will beat in to be a very nice thrower, more so than what it is now, but right out the package, you will truly enjoy this disc!

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