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Discraft Meteor

In the market for an excellent understable mid-range option to add to your bag?

Then look no further than the

This understable mid is sure to find itself useful for players of all abilities, arms of all strengths, and a variety of shot selections.

Stable to understable mid-ranges can be excellent discs for new players to learn with outside of putters, and the Meteor is no exception.

The impressive glide of 5 will allow seemingly effortless throws to just fly forever before fading softly back to mid line.

Throw it with a little more zip, and with a slight hyzer or flat release, and you'll watch this disc flip up nicely to flat and slowly turn to the right for a beautiful finish with little to no fade at all.

The disc feels very comfortable in the hand, but I have been most impressed with the glide this disc provides with even medium strength throws.

When thrown slowly, it reminds me a lot of a stable putter because of how well and how slowly it glides.

Because of its smooth glide, I have found it to be most useful for slow turnover shots that I can't quite reach with my putter.

For these shots, I throw the Meteor with medium power, and just the slightest amount of hyzer.

When thrown for power from a stronger arm, you will need to throw this disc on some hyzer or it will simply turn and burn way to quickly with no hope of coming back, which can be useful for strong tailwinds.

If you are familiar with Innova molds, this disc is very similar to the Stingray, but seems to be a touch more flippy

Let's check the full specs!

Discraft Meteor Flight Numbers

Speed: 5


Turn: -2.8

Fade: 1

Primary use: Understable mid-range for beginners or advanced players


-Excellent disc for beginners learning to throw

-For more advanced players, its a great choice for long, turnover shots requiring a lot of glide

-Nice straight flight path when not overpowered


-Will turn and burn if you are unable to control release angle

-Will not turnover as easily with weaker arms

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All in all, an understable mid-range of some kind should be in your bag and the Meteor is sure to fill this spot nicely without disappointment, especially if you're a beginner looking for some more distance than your putters can give you.

There are other options out that are more or less understable than this one, but I feel that this disc offers the perfect happy medium to give it the right amount of variety for multiple shots, not just turnover shots.

Tunnel shots, hyzer flips, turnover shots, and even rollers, this disc will do it all for you.

What's even nicer is if you are a beginner, you will grow to use this disc for more and more shots as your skills improve and you are capable of testing different arm speeds and release angles, which will truly unlock all this disc has to offer.

Be sure to check it out the first chance you get and let us know how you like it!

Happy Disc Golfing!

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