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Discraft XL

From Discraft comes a control driver that I quickly came to love,

This great disc has a similar flight pattern to the Kastaplast Lots and Dynamic Discs Vandal, which happen to be 2 other great control drivers that I enjoy throwing, so it was no surprise that I love the XL as well.

The XL stands for Extra Long (Range) so as you could expect, this disc has an excellent flight path that beginners especially will enjoy throwing confidently.

With a speed of 8, novice players will have trouble overpowering this disc while still achieving a nice, S-shaped flight pattern that will maximize distance.

More experienced players will still be able to utilize this disc for hyzer flips and flex shots or for less than full power throws from the fairway with similar success as novice players.

In addition to all of this, the disc feels great in the hand!

With moderate power and a flat release, this disc flies extremely straight for me with the classic S-shaped line but does occasionally want to turn over mid flight.

It holds an anny line very well and with increased power on a hyzer line, this disc flips to flat very well before fading back to the center for a clean straight finish.

I like to use this disc for maximum distance shots on open holes around 300-350' in length and I will throw this on a hyzer line to achieve that distance.

If I'm faced with a slight right dog-leg, as a right handed player I'll throw this disc with a backhand throw on a slight anny line or with a flat release but more power to get the disc to turn over and hold that line to the right on it's way to the basket.

All that being said,

Let's check the specs!

Discraft XL Flight Numbers

Speed: 7.9

Glide: 5

Turn: -1

Fade: 1.9

Primary use: Stable Control Driver suitable for everybody


-Extremely comfortable in the hand

-Easy for beginners to get max distance

-Great for flex shots and extremely versatile for many different shots


-May be too slow for stronger arms unless used exclusively as a turn over or hyzer flip disc. May turn over when unintended.


I know we say this with a lot of our discs, but we highly recommend the XL!

Especially if you are a beginner who is starting to improve your technique, increase your distance, and are looking for a solid, stable control to take advantage of your improving arm strength.

The XL, while being stable will give you excellent versatility to not only throw for max distance, but to also throw on hyzer and anhyzer lines depending on what shot you are faced with.

One thing I especially like about this disc is that it holds these lines very well but not too dramatically, meaning that it does not fade or turn so much that it is not controllable.

In fact, the turn and fade are very manageable whether you want it to fly straight, turn over late, or fade nicely at the end of it's flight.

And with how good this disc feels in the hand, you'll have no problem throwing it with confidence from Day 1.

Try it today and Happy Disc Golfing!

You can shop the Discraft XL now at by

clicking on the picture below!

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