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Discraft Zombee Review

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Discraft Zombee can by described simply as a Hybrid disc. It is considered a control driver but after throwing it for a year now, it has many qualities of a mid-range disc such as the Buzzz.

That being said, let's take a look at the specs and overall pros/cons of this disc!

Discraft Zombie Flight Numbers

Speed: 6




Primary use: Beadless, Stable Control Driver


As the numbers indicate, the Zombee is a straight flying, stable control driver.

In the hand, this disc is going to feel a lot like a mid-range, but with the distance of a fairway or control driver.

The name Zombee is appropriate however as it is a very slow disc for typical "driver" standards. What this means in terms of throwing is that this disc is very user friendly, especially for beginners!

With very little power, users will be to throw this disc on any line effectively due to the low speed, long glide, and even turn/fade.

One of my favorite parts of this disc is that it truly does hold any line I put it on extremely well. If I need it to turn over, I can get to do so with a flat release and more power or normal power and an anhyzer release.

If I'm facing a straight "tunnel" shot but longer than what my Buzzz can reach, this is a disc I always consider.

I like to use this disc for shots that require a very specific shot as it is easy for me to hit a line and trust that it will hold that line throughout the entire flight.


The biggest con I and other users have in this disc is that being a hybrid, it is sometimes tricky to figure out when to use it or find a place in your bag for it. For many situations, a true mid-range is a better option, and in other scenarios a true control driver is a better choice. In other words, although the disc is very good at what it does, some feel that what it does can be done by other discs that also have other uses.

Another complaint with this disc is that because it is a slower driver, more experienced users with bigger arms feel that the Zombee is too understable for their liking, especially with high power throws.


Overall, the Zombie is an excellent choice for those just getting started as it can be used in a variety of situations. It suits beginners who may not have as powerful throws yet but also will be favorable among players who are able to control their power and allow this disc to do what it's designed to do.

Interested in trying out the Zombee? Click on the photo below to check it out at Infinite Discs!

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