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Discraft Zone

From Discraft comes an approach putter that we both heavily rely on in our bags,

This disc, often found in the Z plastic, is quite famous now as it is the go-to approach disc in most instances by 5 time World Champion, Paul McBeth.

Whether you have the Z Zone or the Z-flex Zone, forehand and backhand approach shots can be dialed in and relied on with this disc. There is also the popular Jawbreaker Zone, but for this recommendation, we're sticking with the one that'll take less of a beating and keep on giving out on the course.

With a speed of 3.9-4 this disc does well off the tee or for those scrambling approach shots.

Most players find it's maximum potential for either throwing spike hyzers into Circle 1 or forehands that can both flex for you on an anny line or give you that confident, fading hook.

Beginners will find the Zone to be a comfortable disc to throw either backhand or forehand as it doesn't have too deep of a rim, has a flat top, and is beadless.

While most people don't use the Zone for putting at the basket, it does make a great option for those windy days where the headwinds require something more overstable to help hold the flight.

I really enjoy using my Z Zone for wooded shots that require more distance with forehand flex shots, further than I can make with my Dynamic Discs Slammer. It holds it's flight very well and has considerable glide for being overstable.

Driving off the tee is comfortable with this disc as the premium plastic holds up great and allows you to really torque on the disc if you need to.

This disc is truly great for all skill levels as it can be beneficial for utility, driving, and approaching the basket.

All that being said,

Let's check the specs!

Discraft Zone Flight Numbers

Speed: 3.9

Glide: 3

Turn: 0

Fade: 3

Primary use: Very Overstable, beadless putt & approach disc for Intermediate/Advanced Players


-Overstable for consistent results.

-Great for spike hyzers and forehand flex shots.

-Fights headwinds extremely well


-Can skip if it hits the green angled too harsh.

-Can be difficult to find on the market at times due to popularity.


As mentioned, this disc is fantastic for approach shots either on hyzer lines or forehand flexes in the woods.

The reliable fade can be trusted in all situations as it's flight path is very predictable, regardless of any weather condition you may be faced with.

It's a durable disc that takes a solid beating and remains reliable. It really fits great in most player's hands.

Whether you're looking for a solid approach putter, an exclusive forehand putter, or something in between, you will not be disappointed with the Zone.

Try it today and as always,

Happy Disc Golfing!

You can shop the Discraft Zone now at by

clicking on the picture below!

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