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Dynamic Discs Maverick

In this review, we're going to be taking a look at one of the best beginner friendly fairway drivers, the

To start off, this disc is a staple in my own bag.

When I'm looking for late turn over shots or tight hyzer flips in the woods, I tend to go to this disc right away.

The Dynamic Discs control driver has the right flight ratings to help those less powerful arms while also being a great tool for more experienced players looking for something that will get some turn out of the disc.

With a small rim size, this disc is easy to hold whether you use a full power grip or a modified power grip like I do (three fingers).

Despite being considered understable, this quality control driver offers an extremely straight flight that is consistent with other stable to understable discs such as the Innova TL3 or the Dynamic Discs Captain, but can be ripped on harder for a finish to the right.

Shown here is my personal Dynamic Discs Maverick!

The flight plate of the Maverick is pretty standard with not being a flat topped disc, but also not having very much dome either.

As mentioned, the disc will fly very straight for you with average power before fading out mildly in the last third of its full flight.

With a tailwind, the Maverick will want to be more stable and continue gliding for longer flights down the fairway.

The Maverick can also be used for forehand anhyzer shots to get out of jail or for other situations where this throw could provide a benefit as it will want to hold the anhyzer line with a fair amount of wrist snap provided.

Let's check the full specs!

Dynamic Discs Maverick Flight Numbers

Speed: 7

Glide: 4.3

Turn: -1.6

Fade: 1.8

Primary use: Understable control driver suitable for everyone


-Easy to control and great for tailwind distance throws

-Slow speed and decent glide helps stretch it's distance out down the fairway

-Slower arms will throw this disc well and faster arms will get this disc to turn late in it's flight


-Too much arm speed and not enough hyzer can cause this disc to turn over too quickly

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The Maverick is a great disc to be used across all skill ranges!

It's come to be a favorite of mine for hyzer flips in the woods to make sure I'm hitting my lines and keeping the disc moving as straight down the fairway as I can get.

I really enjoy seeing the late turn this disc provides when thrown with a little more backhand power.

Sometimes I even use the Maverick for immediate right hand turns off the tee pad where a forehand would likely slice into the right side woods too early. This disc does a great job of allowing you to shape some different shots without having to cram a lot of power into the throw.

As stated, it will fly extremely straight with minimal fade, which is sure to keep you on even the narrowest of fairways whether you're throwing off the tee or an approach to the basket from 200+ feet out.

If you're looking for an excellent discs, do yourself a favor and pick up a Dynamic Discs Maverick to add some versatility to your shot selection!

Happy Disc Golfing!

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