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Dynamic Discs Deputy

For this week's 'What to throw Wednesday', we take a look at one of my current putt and approach discs that I bag, the

The Deputy made #3 on our list of best disc golf putters for beginners, which you can check out below!

Despite grabbing it in a base plastic, I felt that the prime blend was very grippy right off the bat and has beat in very nicely for a comfortable grip during both putts and approach shots in all weather conditions.

I primarily use my Deputy as my putting putter due to the understability, but will use it for the approach shots over my KC Pro Aviar and Discraft Zone when dealing with tailwinds as the understable putter will fly much more stable under those conditions.

Shown here is my personal Deputy that I bag featuring a custom stamp!

Thrown with average power, the Deputy will fly extremely straight unless thrown into a head wind, where it will have a tendency to turn more than it's flight ratings indicate.

When thrown with more power however, the Deputy, especially when beat in, will tend to turn over with a flat or anhyzer release.

When thrown with a hyzer release the disc will flip to flat very nicely and fly straight as an arrow on its way to the basket.

That being said,

Let's check the specs!

Dynamic Discs Deputy Flight Numbers

Speed: 3

Glide: 4

Turn: -1.4

Fade: 0

Primary use: Understable Putt and Approach Disc for Beginners as well as all players


-Very true flying putter for beginners

-Extremely straight in tail winds

-Feels very comfortable and grippy in the hand


-Flippy as an approach putter with stronger arms

Shop the Deputy on Amazon using the banner above!


All in all, I have very little bad to say about the Deputy, especially if you're looking to grab a comfortable putter that is exceptionally beginner friendly.

If you're looking for a more dedicated approach putter, the Judge may be a better option in the Dynamic Discs lineup to suit that shot as it's a bit more stable and will handle bigger arms with less difficulty.

As mentioned, you'll be extremely pleased with how good the Deputy feels in the hand, which is very important for consistent putting success.

I recommend grabbing this disc in a heavier weight just as I would for any putter, as the added weight will help fight the wind for both putts and approach shots alike.

Overall, the Dynamic Discs Deputy is a great disc that you should give a try if you're still searching for a putter to confidently bag!

Happy Disc Golfing!

You can shop the Dynamic Discs Deputy now at by

clicking on the picture below!

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