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How To Organize Your Disc Golf Bag

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

You've finally bought your first disc golf bag and have started accumulating those discs.

But you soon realize that with many discs, sometimes it's hard to keep track of what you have and where it is in your bag!

While how you organize your bag and arrange your discs is ultimately complete player preference and may not matter a ton, here are

3 ways we suggest organizing that bag!

If you don't know what bag you want or if you even need a bag at all, check out the following articles first, then come back here!

How to Organize Your Disc Golf Bag

1. By Speed

If I had to guess how most players in the disc golf world organize their bag, I would guess that speed is involved in some way.

Whether its slow to fast or fast to slow, left to right or right to left, or front to back and back to front, it ultimately doesn't matter.

Due to most disc golf bags utilizing a putter pouch of some kind, sorting the rest of your bag by speed seems like the obvious choice.

I personally choose to organize my bag this way as I have multiple colors in my bag and knowing where each speed range is convenient for me when eyeing up my next shot and choosing the best disc for the job.

If I have multiple discs in the same speed, I opt to use stability as my next factor and arrange from less stable to more stable.

2. By Color

Building off of speed, the next choice for players commonly seen is organizing by color.

It's worth noting however that many players will buy their discs in specific colors based on the speed and/or type of disc.

For instance, all mid-ranges in blue, all control drivers in pink, all distance drivers in white, and so on and so forth for every type of shot you can think of.

From here, the discs are arranged by color so the player knows exactly where each disc style is located.

Players who carry multiples of the same disc but in different states of wear will use the color method but additionally organize their colors based on how "beat in" their discs are.

The downside to organizing by color is that it does take a little more planning ahead on your end, as you may not want to re-purchase discs you already own and love, just to get them in a different color.

Because I opt to arrange my bag based on speed, I try and exclusively purchase colors I don't own, simply to make my bag more colorful!

3. Completely Random or Custom

Perhaps you like a little organized chaos in your life?

Some players simply throw their discs in their bag and that's how they stay forever, besides some occasional modifying here and there.

Even though my bag is kept in order by speed, I know where several of my discs are just because they're are a unique color.

This gets challenging at times though as you're bound to have a disc or two or three that are very similar in color so you find yourself picking out 2 or 3 discs before finding the one you actually want to throw.

Having all your discs in random order makes this occur much more frequently than what I experience, costing you time.

Regardless, as long you know where each disc is when you need it, this organization method can absolutely work!

Best of all worlds?

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that in the end we all probably have a unique way of organizing our bags that blends a little bit of all 3 methods.

Maybe your bag is organized by speed, or color, or both.

But you keep your favorite disc or two at the front/back of the bag for quick and easy access, even if this means they're kept next to a disc with a completely different speed, use, and color.

As long as the method you use works for you, then stick with it!

If you are constantly finding yourself struggling to find the disc you want however, consider rearranging your bag by either speed or color for future use!

Do you organize your bag a different way that we did not mention? Be sure to drop a comment and let us know how you do it!

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