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Do I Need A Disc Golf Bag?

Updated: May 16, 2022

If you're anything like me and most casual players, at some point, the question of

Do I need a disc golf bag?

will pop into your head. And for good reason!

You'll likely be accumulating discs at a slow and steady pace, before reaching a point where its cumbersome and awkward to keep carrying them on the course without a bag.

Let me give you my best advice on when to go out and grab yourself a disc golf bag and the standard progression many players go through when making this decision.

In the beginning,

most players (not all) will get into disc golf by playing with friends who have discs, and likely bags as well. So a bag is far from your mind as you don't even own your own discs.

Even when you grab 2 or 3 discs, its still pretty easy to just carry those discs around in your hands with a small draw string bag on your back with room to carry snacks and water if needed.

For me, this was the case as well.

Even as my collection grew to say 4-5 discs, it was still easy to just throw the discs I didn't use as much into my same, small gym bag and walk the course.

Taking discs in and out as I needed was not a hassle.

Then something happened, my disc collection grew!

From 1 or 2, to 4 or 5, to 8 or 9, and so on and so on to where I am now.

While my discs did technically (and barely) fit into by little gym bag, it was quickly becoming a pain to take the bag off, struggle to get the discs out, throw, and cram them back in


While this seems like a first world problem, it truly was annoying at times and on top of it all, I no longer had room for things such as water, snacks, my phone, minis, or anything else to carry with me during a round.

Alas, I was in the market for a disc golf bag

But what kind of bag did I need?

I wasn't quite sure how much my game was going to grow by or how many discs I would own.

I didn't necessarily like the bulkiness of the backpacks but felt that I definitely needed more room than a small "satchel" style bag that only held 5-8 discs.

That being said.......

Satchel style bags such as the Discraft Weekender is great for some water and 6-8 discs, but I knew I would quickly out grow it. Click on the picture to check it out on Amazon!

Pick a bag based on your needs!

What you are going to want and look for in a bag is going to differ greatly from what another player looks for in a bag. So shop accordingly!

I wanted a bag that could fit 12-14 discs, had a place for minis and plenty of storage, including room for a Nalgene water bottle.

With this criteria, I narrowed my search down to a few different bags before ultimately choosing the Crunch, by Fade Gear. (Click HERE to check it out)

Some players are going to want a bag to grow into with hopes of playing in many tournaments. Some will prefer comfort. And some just want something easier than carrying by hand or a gym bag as mentioned earlier.

So, should you buy a disc golf bag?

I firmly believe that players at any level would find great value in owning a disc golf bag, from the casual player who plays just a few rounds a year.

To the serious player who plays multiple rounds or tournaments every week.

There are simply so many options available now to players that there truly is "a bag for everyone".

And with reasonable prices, the small investment will pay off in the long run.

To firmly answer the question at hand, I'll wrap things up with 3 simple questions to ask yourself if you're considering a disc golf bag:

  1. Do I own any discs with plans of expanding my collection?

  2. Do I expect to continue playing disc golf in any capacity on a fairly regular basis?

  3. Do I want to take my disc golf game to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I think you're ready for a disc golf bag, so get shopping!

If, on the other hand, you said no to any of these questions, then for now, you're probably going to be content with continuing to play without a bag until you feel yourself again (or for the first time) asking if you need a disc golf bag.

When you think you're ready to enter the disc bag market, be sure to check out both small/mid size and backpack sized bags at by clicking on the appropriate picture below!

Shop small and mid sized bags by clicking on the picture above!

Shop large backpack style bags by clicking on the picture above!

Do you know you want to buy a bag but are not sure what type of bag you want? Then check out THIS article to help make the process easier!

*Some links are affiliate links, you can read our full affiliate disclosure on our home page*

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