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What Disc Golf Bag Should I Buy?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

In the market for a disc golf bag but unsure what you want to get? Then you're in the right place!

Let us walk you through the various types of bags and give you our top recommendations among all types, styles, and brands of bags.

Unsure if you need a bag at all? Then start with THIS ARTICLE HERE and come back.

Let's get started!

But before we go all in, I want you to keep one thing in mind as you read this article that I mentioned in our "Do I Need A Disc Bag Article?"

and that is...

Choose a bag that fits YOUR needs!

Not mine, not your friend's, not your sister's.

We all like different things and all have different needs, and disc golf is no different.

For instance, I wanted a bag that could hold a water bottle as well as things such as snacks, a baseball (for knocking stuck discs out of trees), my phone, wallet, etc.

Some people may just want to keep it simple and have a place for their discs and a water bottle and that's it.

The price you're willing to pay is also an important variable to keep in mind when shopping but should not be the only factor as you get what you pay for.

That all being said, now, let's get started.

What types of disc golf bags are there?

Primarily, there are about 4 different categories of disc golf bags that you will see and they are: starter bags/small shoulder bags, medium sized bags, large shoulder bags, and backpack style bags.

As expected, each have their own pros/cons and primary uses that vary from player to player.

1. Starter and Small Disc Golf Bags

Small bags, sometimes called starter bags for disc golf are just as described, designed for those players who are just starting out and don't need much real estate for their discs.

But they do have their place for other players.

Small starter bags will usually have the bare minimum needed to be a functional bag, meaning room for up to 5-10 and sometimes more discs but often with very little storage otherwise, although there are many starter bags with more storage for items such as water bottles, mini disc slots, and minimal gear.

These bags are perfect for new players who have few discs and no immediate plans of buying many more.

They're also great for more experienced players who want to have a small bag of their favorite discs to grab for a quick round or to leave in their vehicle as they're much less bulky than large and backpack style bags.

The con of these bags is that any player who plans on progressing their game and adding discs to their bag are going to find that they'll out-grow these bags very quickly and want to move on to the next size.

Our Best Small/Starter Disc Golf Bag Recommendations from Infinite discs and Amazon:

Shop all small/starter and medium sized bags at by clicking on the picture above!

2. Medium Disc Golf Bags

Moving on up in size and we enter the world of medium disc golf bags.

Medium sized bags are where I think most players will find themselves unless they expect to take their game to much higher levels very quickly.

But these bags are also good for players who would some day want to grow their game, but over a much slower period of a few years.

I'm a casual player who will play in tournaments here and there but primarily play with groups of friends or in recreational leagues and I find my middle sized bag to fit all of my needs.

What's nice about these bags is that the disc capacity will be bumped up from the small and starter bags as the majority will hold anywhere from 10-16 discs or so.

My Fade Gear Crunch Bag holds 16 discs comfortably. 14 in the main compartment and 2 in the putter sleeve.

The other pro of these bags is depending on model, you will have much more storage room for not just a water bottle, but also towel attachments, mini discs, snacks, phone/wallet, range finder and anything else you could reasonably want on a disc golf course.

The only Con I can think of is that just like the smaller bags, players who wish to take their game to the next level whether it be increased tournament or league play will eventually prefer a larger bag for more disc options.

Bottom line, if you are just more than a casual player with a respectable disc collection but don't have immediate plans to be any more serious of a player, grab yourself a medium sized bag, you won't regret it.

Our Best Medium Disc Golf Bag Recommendations from Infinite discs and Amazon:

3. Westside Cooler Bag (which also features insulated pockets for drinks/snacks)

The Infinite Slinger Bag is a great medium sized option for any player, click on the picture to check it out!

3. Large Disc Golf Bags

Next, we move to the first of the heavier hitters, large shoulder bags.

As you may expect, large disc golf bags are going to be very similar to medium sized bags in terms of shape and functionality, but with the ability to hold more discs and have more storage.

Players who are looking to have a bag for 18-20+ discs but not tote around a back pack are going to love packs in this size.

Large bag options are also great for disc storage, especially in vehicles, as having an organized bag of discs looks more cleaner with easier access than just heaping them in a pile in the trunk.

Some bags, such as THIS ONE, are specially designed for this very purpose.

Another Pro to these bags are that they are much cheaper than their back pack counter parts, which appeals to the more casual players.

The Cons?

These bags are not near as comfortable for most players when compared to backpack style bags and in many (but not all) cases, they won't quite have the disc and gear storage capabilities either.

Our Best Large Disc Golf Bag Recommendations from Infinite discs and Amazon:

Shown here is the Dynamic Discs Soldier Bag, our top recommendation for large bags. Click on the photo to view all large bag offerings at

4. Backpack Disc Golf Bags

Lastly, we make our way to backpack style disc golf bags.

When it comes to disc golf, you'll find that nearly every serious player who is very active in the sport will be utilizing a backpack style disc bag, and for good reasons.

For one, they're extremely comfortable. The weight of 25-30 discs plus gear can add up quickly and will be noticed after a couple of hours playing.

Well designed backpacks will disperse this weight evenly across comfortable shoulder straps and alleviate this weight burden.

Second, they're very capable and functional.

Many will easily hold over 25+ discs but also with storage capabilities that small bags won't have, such as room for bulkier gear like an umbrella in addition to carrying any other gear that you could possibly want or need.

Because it holds so many discs, you will never have a shortage of options for disc selection on many shots and may even need to come up with a way to organize your discs for easy access.

The cons of these bags are that they may be a little more bulky than what you would like as a casual player and the cost. But these are minor inconveniences for what they give you in return.

While good medium or large style bags will set you back up to $50-$75, many of the better backpack styles will cost you $100-$300. This price may cause some sticker shock but you should not allow price to be the only contributing factor as any bag you purchase is simply an investment in becoming a better player.

Our Best Backpack Disc Golf Bag Recommendations from Infinite discs and Amazon:

1. Dynamic Discs Ranger , which you can read about HERE

Shop all backpack options available at by clicking on the picture above!

It's also worth checking out some more budget friendly backpack styles that are a little bit smaller than regular disc golf backpacks.

Click HERE to shop them at

And there you have it! All the major categories of disc golf bags broken down to help you decide what kind you may want.

Still unsure? Don't hesitate to drop us a message and ask for some help!

*Some links are affiliate links from both Amazon and Infinite Discs, you can read our full affiliate disclosure on our home page*

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