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Infinite Disc Slinger Bag

Looking for a small bag that is PERFECT for quick rounds at your local course and at an affordable price?

Interested in spending just $20 for such a bag?

Then be sure to check out the Disc Slinger by Infinite Discs!

The Infinite Disc Slinger Bag shown in blue and black, click on the picture to shop all available colors!

Infinite Disc Slinger Features

This small/mid-size bag is the perfect size for players who either don't own many discs or those who are looking for a small bag to supplement their larger bag used in league or tournaments.

Not that this bag is small by any means however!

You will find that the Slinger bag will comfortably hold around 10 discs in its main compartment with some users claiming they can fit up to 13! Naturally, this all depends on the types of discs you are carrying.

Additionally, the bag utilizes 2 small pockets on the inside of the bag reserved for easy access to your most used discs.

The shoulder style bag also features an outside putter pouch that gives enough additional room for 2 putters, taking the average carrying capacity of the entire bag to around 12 discs total.

Not bad for a small bag!

Shop the Slinger Bag now by clicking HERE!

Some players prefer to use the putter pouch for items such as a towel, but this is unnecessary as the bag still features eye-holes for easy towel attachment and other zippered storage pockets.

As you would expect with any bag whether it be small, medium, or large. The Slinger bag offers plenty of storage for all essential and non-essential items on the course (phone, wallet, keys, etc.) with some residual space for various odds and ends.

The bag also conveniently offers a dedicated space for a liter sized water bottle!

Despite being advertised as a "sling" bag, or shoulder style bag. The bag can be worn over a shoulder similarly to a conventional backpack (when using one strap), carried in hand, or just over the shoulder as shown below.

Highlighted here is the putter pouch, eye-lets for towels/gear, and water bottle holder!

While all these features are great ones, perhaps the greatest feature of all is the price, as you will be able to pick this bag up for just...


That's right, for just a single $20 bill, you can have yourself a quality made and comfortable bag that is suited for many different situations!

Throw in an adjustable clip to wear the comfortable, padded strap over either shoulder, and you have the perfect bag for quick disc golf outings!

As mentioned earlier,

this bag would work perfectly for a wide variety of players, including beginners and seasoned veterans alike!

New players or players who simply don't use many discs when playing will appreciate the small profile bag with efficient use of space at an extremely cost saving price.

Casual but more serious players such as myself would also benefit from this bag as even though it is considered small, having enough space for gear and 12 discs is plenty of function to enjoy a round at any course.

Veteran players who wish to have a small, secondary bag instead of lugging around their large, back pack style bag for quick practice rounds will also appreciate this bag option.

Sometimes, you may own tons of discs but only want to go practice with a handful of them. When this is the case...

Why carry around your entire bag for such a situation when you could use this small bag instead?

Imagine having a small bag to leave in your vehicle at all times, just on the off chance you get the time to play a few holes quick!

Shop the Slinger Bag now by clicking HERE!


As with any bag, there are some quick pros and cons of the Slinger Bag that should be mentioned.


  • Extremely durable and well made, a great value for $20

  • Can easily hold approximately 12 total discs

  • Plenty of storage for you phone, wallet, keys, and more!

  • Very comfortable with plenty of adjust-ability if needed

  • Convenient storage slots for easy access to putters and favorite discs


  • No dedicated mini disc slot

  • May be awkward players not used to a shoulder style bag

  • Not designed to stand up well when placed on the ground like backpack or other style bags

If you are the type of player who rarely plays with less than 10 discs and find yourself always wanting as many options as possible every time you're on the course, then this probably isn't the bag for you.

But if however, you don't have a bag currently, are looking for a brand new bag to replace your current one, or are looking for a budget friendly option as a supplement to your primary bag, then the

is definitely one you should consider!

We can promise you that you will have a hard time finding a bag with as many features, as much room, and as much comfort as this one, especially for this price!

Be sure to check it out, you won't be disappointed!

You can shop, check out all the features, and read all the reviews of the Infinite Slinger Bag at by clicking on the picture below!

But wait!!

Interested in the Slinger Bag but feel that it is a bit too small for your needs?

Then you should check out the brand new DELUXE version of this bag!

It boasts room for an extra 2-4 discs, a bolstered bottom to improve standing ability, and just more overall space for a mere $27.99!

Click HERE to check it out!

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