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Innova Aviar

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

In this article we're going to take a look at a timeless classic that nearly every player has probably had an opportunity to try for themselves, the

Like many players, the Aviar was one of the very first putters and discs in general that I was able to get any type of hands on experience with.

Due to the fact that it has been around forever means that you are able to find one for very cheap, and its point and shoot quality makes it a disc that is hard to give up and leave out of your bag after using it for any amount of time.

In fact, it was even a featured disc on our list of

if you want to check out that entire list of awesome discs!

Shown here is one of my first discs ever, the Aviar in DX plastic!

What do I mean by point and shoot?

If you're unfamiliar with this term, it simply means that the disc will hold true to just about any line that you put it on and will go in the true direction that it is thrown.

This means that the player, not the disc, is in control.

Discs with more or less turn and fade can sometimes cause a less than accurate throw by fading/turning back into the target zone or by going out of the target zone by fading/turning too much.

The Aviar requires you to hit your line and as long as your aim and form is good, this disc will go right where you want.

This could be seen as a poor quality for a disc of any type to have, but it is actually a huge benefit to any player because it can and will teach you how to properly throw a disc.

Everything from grip, to release angle, to overall form, if it is slightly off, the Aviar will let you know immediately in its flight path.

And this is just for throwing!

The Aviar is also a reliable putter that many players trust to close out each and every hole.

Now that we know all what is to love about it,

Let's check out the full specs and expected flight path of the Aviar!

Innova Aviar Flight Numbers

Speed: 2.1

Glide: 3

Turn: 0

Fade: 1

Primary use: Stable Putt and Approach disc for every player beginner to advanced


-Point and Shoot

-Great disc for beginners learning form

-Time tested

-Inexpensive and many available weights


-DX plastic may not be preferred by some players and beats in very quickly as a thrower

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Although comparable discs have hit the market, as they inevitably would, since the Aviar's inception, few have proven to hold up to the test of time as much as Innova's signature putter.

In fact, it is considered by some as the most popular putter in the world.

This could be due to the fact it has been around the longest, but if it wasn't a quality option, players wouldn't keep going back to it time and time again.

Even in DX plastic and beat in, the Aviar seems to hold its stable, straight flying characteristics very well without becoming too flippy to use. This has been my experience anyways.

The biggest con I see with the DX plastic is the grip, but luckily Aviar does offer several premium plastics including Champion, Star, and R-Pro to help offset this and make the mold a little more durable when used as a thrower.

The DX is still a great option for putting, but you may prefer a different plastic more so be sure to try them all.

As another option, you could also try the KC Pro Aviar which features a unique plastic and slightly different flight characteristics than the original Aviar, you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

All in all, the original Aviar is definitely a fan favorite and because of its ultra straight, true flying flight path, is certainly a disc that you should give a try at some point in your disc golf adventure.

It won't set you back much in your wallet and in the very least, you can say you gave a classic a try!

At most, it goes right into your bag and a regular disc you use out on the course!

So give it a try today!

You can shop the Innova Aviar now at by clicking on the picture below!

Or on Amazon by...

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