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Innova Beast

If you're searching for a distance driver that is perfect to learn on and grow with, this 10 speed option is going to be one that you are definitely going to want to try out, and we're talking about the

In my own pursuit of finding a distance driver that matched my developing arm speed, I realized that I threw 9 and 10 speed drivers the best, but I did not have any stable or even slightly understable options in my bag to try out and to use for attaining maximum distance.

Alas, I stumbled upon the Beast, and immediately loved it!

Shown here is my Innova Beast in GStar Plastic!

When I threw the disc with just a little bit of hyzer, it would flip to flat very nicely, fly nice and straight, and ultimately would fade just slightly back to the left as it landed.

Thrown flat however is when this disc really shined as I was able to achieve a beautiful S-shaped flight path that allowed this disc to just fly and fly!

An added bonus is that the disc is rather flat topped and feels very natural, and comfortable in the hand, reminding me a lot of what I expect to feel for a control driver, but with the distances of a distance driver.

Let's check the full specs!

Innova Beast Flight Numbers

Speed: 10

Glide: 5

Turn: -2

Fade: 1.9

Primary use: Stable Distance Driver for Intermediate Players


-Excellent beginner driver for players working their way up from fairway drivers

-Can shape really nice S-shaped flight patterns

-Easy to get it to fly within its assigned flight ratings


-May be too slow for more powerful arms

-Will turnover in headwinds, requiring more hyzer or else it will turn and burn

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When I had a chance to thoroughly throw this disc, it was exactly what I was looking for when trying to disc up to a higher speed than what you would typically find of control/fairway drivers.

I was very pleased with it's resistance to turn over, and it's ability to fight winds, but in all fairness this could have been due to the disc I was throwing having a weight of 176g.

It was not immune to turning over however, especially in headwinds as you might expect, but with just a little bit of extra hyzer and the disc stayed as straight as I needed it to.

I would suggest grabbing this disc in a premium plastic such as Star, GStar, or Champion, as it will be slightly more stable, be more resistant to beating into understable, and feel much better in the hand.

Try it today and let us know what you think!

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