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Innova Firebird

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Innova Firebird at the time of this article was the most recent addition to my bag thanks in part to Jory Reid doing an awesome disc dye for us!

Not only is the dye job awesome and awesome to throw, but this disc also filled a HUGE hole in my bag:

an overstable fairway driver.

I had no shortage of Fairway drivers, including (but not limited to):

to name a few.

The problem was that while these were all excellent discs, they all had one thing in common:

They were stable or understable.

While this is a great feature for a beginner to learn to throw and get maximum distance, between headwinds and my increasing arm strength they struggled to stay stable at times and were starting to turn over more and more for me.

Alas, I needed an overstable fairway drive option, and along came the Innova Firebird.

I'm going to start off by saying that this disc is AWESOME and I have no idea what took me so long to add one to my bag despite being recommended to me by several more experienced players.

It feels great in my hand, and while being very overstable, this disc flies extremely straight before always fading back to the left.

In headwinds, it holds that straight line much longer and resists the fade but always finishes back to left.

In a way, it is a longer version of the Latitude 64 Explorer for me but with more fade at the end, so accordingly I choose it over the Explorer for stout headwinds and when I need a more aggressive fade.

I also throw this disc extremely well with a forehand approach and has become a disc I use every time I'm out playing.

The Star plastic that I've been throwing is also highly recommended!

All that being said,

Let's check the specs!

My bagged Star Firebird was custom dyed by Jory Reid, you can check out his current dyed discs for sale by clicking on the picture above or by emailing him for your own custom disc order!

Innova Firebird Flight Numbers

Speed: 9

Glide: 3.1

Turn: 0

Fade: 4

Primary use: Very Overstable Control Driver for Intermediate and Advanced players


-Extremely comfortable in the hand

-Reliable fade in both headwinds and tail winds

-Equally effective with forehand and backhand approaches

-Despite being overstable, will fly very straight for much of it's flight

-Great for flex shots


-May be difficult for beginners to throw unless they want a lot of fade

-May fade more than desired if thrown too slowly or with any hyzer


If you are looking for or considering adding an overstable fairway/control driver to your bag, you do not want to overlook the Firebird in your search.

The speed 9 is very manageable for more experienced, but not so fast that new players will struggle to throw it, even if they end up with more fade than the rating indicates.

It performs exceptionally well in the wind, particularly headwinds if you're looking for a disc option that will not become flippy and turn over in such conditions.

As stated, this disc feels very comfortable to me in the hand, and being a fan of Innova's Star plastic, this disc has the one, two punch to truly love it.

Be sure to check it out the next time you're in your favorite disc golf shop or during your next online shopping spree!

Shop the Firebird now at by clicking on the picture below!

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