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Innova Mako3

Looking for an extremely straight flying, point and shoot mid-range to expand the range of your straight flying putter?

Looking for a mid-range that will hold any line that it is put on?

Looking for a disc that will help you improve your form with?

Then look no further than the Innova Mako3!

This very popular mid-range is a disc that not only new players will love throwing, but experienced players as well, as this disc is laser straight, reliably sensitive to release angle, and very easy to throw.

My initial thoughts of the disc is that it felt very comfortable in the hand, and the 180g option was definitely noticeable, but without affecting the expected flight ratings that it is advertised as having.

It does seem to fly a tad slower than the speed rating of 5, but overall I am very impressed with how stable this disc is and how long it wants to glide for.

Without saying too much more,

Let's check the full specs!

Innova Mako3 Flight Numbers

Speed: 5

Glide: 5

Turn: 0

Fade: 0

Primary use: Stable mid-range for all players


-Very comfortable in hand!

-Arrow straight flight path

-The perfect beginner disc to learn throwing angles

-Point and shoot


-Since we have to have one, very sensitive to release angle

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As shown by the flight path above, this disc is a very straight flyer.

What I like about discs this stable is that they make for great beginner discs because they are inherently easy to throw, but will also point out any flaws in your form.

If you release with too much hyzer or anhyzer when a straight flight path is desired, you will be able to tell immediately if you hit your line or not.

One thing that I noticed right away while field testing this disc is that the heavier, 180g weight definitely fights wind better than nearly any other disc I've ever tried.

When thrown into a head wind, I did put some slight hyzer on it as I expected it to turn over, but surprisingly, the Mako3 flipped to flat and fought the wind extremely well, holding the straight line that it was on after flipping to flat the entire way until it landed softly.

If you're a beginner looking for something to bump up to from a putter such as the Aviar, then you will be very pleased with this disc as it will fly just as straight, but with more capability of achieving longer distances.

With a turn and fade of 0 each, this disc is simply a point and shoot.

If there is a line you need to hit and hold the whole way to the basket, this disc will be up for the challenge.

All in all, I highly recommend trying out the Mako3 when making your next disc purchase! You won't be disappointed!

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