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Innova Valkyrie Review

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Innova Valkyrie shown in Champion plastic

From Innova comes the Valkyrie, a stable to understable control driver that is great for all skill levels but perfect for beginners who are improving their arm strength.

Let's check the specs!

Innova Valkyrie Flight Numbers

Speed: 9




Primary use: Beadless, Understable Control Driver


Great for beginners who have developed their arm strength enough to need a slightly faster driver in a higher quality plastic.

Natural progression from a light, stable/understable control driver such as a Cheetah or Leopard.

Can be thrown well and hold most lines it is thrown on.

Even with stronger arms, this disc is a great choice for hyzer flips or a consistent understable flyer.

Available in many different plastics.


Will be more stable initially but eventually beat into an understable driver.

Stronger arms will find this disc to be flippy and more understable than rated.


The Innova Cheetah in DX plastic was the first control driver that I really threw well as a beginner learning to throw back hand. As my arm strength and technique improved however, I found myself turning the disc over too much unless I backed off the power.

Because of this, I began searching for an upgraded disc with similar ratings but higher speed and alas was recommended the Valkyrie by a fellow player.

I find this disc to be perfect for my current skill level, I can still get it to turn over on an anhyzer release or a higher power, flat release but will most often use it for a long, straight shot and just a little bit of fade at the end. Often times I will also see a small S pattern flight with higher power throws.

All in all, I think any beginner will like this disc and can use it confidently for a variety of shots!

Check it out for yourself at by clicking on the picture below!

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