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Innova Wraith

In this article, we're going to take a look at a disc that in all honesty, was one that did not impress me for years, and one that I reluctantly gave another shot recently, the

To be fair, before going into too much detail, I had not tested or tried a premium version of this Innova distance driver, which certainly skewed my initial thoughts on.

In fact, the Wraith was the first disc that I ever bought, a yellow DX version that I still have today.

And although I had no business buying a distance driver as a beginner, it was a disc I enjoyed throwing and learning with.

Shown here is my Champion Plastic Innova Wraith!

But as my arm strength improved even the slightest, the disc became very inconsistent for me.

Sometimes it would provide me with long, beautifully shaped shots, and others, it would turn and burn far down the fairway for seemingly no reason at the time (now I know it was because of form).

I wondered how a disc labeled as overstable could turnover so easily.

So, eventually I bumped up from a DX version, and grabbed one in a slightly better plastic, Pro plastic.

And although this version was slightly better, as my arm strength improved even more, I began to turn this Wraith over just as much as my DX one, and only bagged it to use as a roller disc before un-bagging it altogether.

I had all but given up on liking this disc, but I keep seeing how many people raved about it being their favorite and go-to distance driver, and these were players with arms much bigger than mine.

I explained my struggles and they insisted that I just wasn't using the right plastic, but I hesitated to give it another go.

Finally, I went all in and decided to try just one more time, but only if I could in Champion, Star, or another premium plastic version.

And let me tell,

I'm glad I did!

Before I go into my full thoughts,

Let's check the full specs!

Innova Wraith Flight Numbers

Speed: 11

Glide: 5

Turn: -1.1

Fade: 2.9

Primary use: Overstable Distance Driver for intermediate players


-Great driver option to allow for maximum distance

-Feels great in the hand, but flies very reliably in premium plastic

-Speed 11 is very manageable for even intermediate arms trying to learn and experiment with max distance


-Not great in less than premium plastic, especially for bigger arms

-If your arm is not ready, will be difficult to throw straight and far

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In the champion plastic, I was immediately blown away and impressed by this disc, especially when considering my previous experiences and disappointments with it.

When thrown for max power and maximum distance, I was VERY happy with watching it fly within its expected flight ratings.

Even when thrown into a head wind, I have a lot of trouble turning this disc over, especially if I throw with just the smallest amount of hyzer.

It is amazing to me how much a disc can vary between plastics, but this was definitely a nice reminder that sometimes it is worth giving a disc a second chance and giving it a fair chance by trying it out in premium plastic.

In my own field work, I really struggled finding the perfect disc to achieve maximum distance.

Speed 12 discs seemed just a little bit too fast for me unless they had high turn ratings, and speed 10 discs seemed to turn over on me too much.

I had other speed 11 discs, but they were much more inconsistent than what I found with this speed 11, overstable driver, as it was the first disc that allowed by to break 400 feet in my back hand!

Although the lesser plastics were inconsistent, the champion plastic has been extremely reliable in all types of conditions.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with my decision to try this disc again, and I'm sure you will be too!

Try it today and let us know what you think!

You can shop the Innova Wraith now at by clicking on the picture below!

Or on Amazon by...

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