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Is the Discmania FD the BEST Fairway Driver?

During this past fall of 2021 I lost my go-to stable fairway driver under some leaves, something we've almost all been through when we play the game long enough.

I went home that day and took a look at my spare discs to see what I had to replace that spot in my bag.

Eventually my eyes settle on a red S-line Discmania FD that I had never had the opportunity to throw.

So, in the bag it went!

I bet I played at least 6-8 rounds without touching the FD once it was placed in my bag, but one day I found myself staring down hole 2 at Coyote Hills Disc Golf Course in Carlisle, PA.

My personally bagged Discmania FD, click on the picture to check it out at Infinite Discs!

This Par 4, 370 foot hole bares it's teeth immediately with a long tight tunnel shot off the tee that descends ever so slightly downhill.

It then requires a left finish at about the 320' mark, any fade in your shot that is earlier than that and you're in the woods and brush.

After a successful tee shot, it's just a toss over a short bridge to the green.

Prior to losing it, I used to always use Glow Discraft Vulture to tee off with and I would often land at the desired opening of the left finish area at the bottom of the fairway.

Not having that disc this time, I elected to pull out the FD to see if this slow speed disc could get there with it being downhill.

The FD feels similar to a midrange to me in that it has a thin rim being a 7 speed, but is shaped like a fairway driver which I find to be more comfortable than holding a mid-range.

I gave it a rip on a flat release and watched it soar!

It went down the fairway absolutely clean, not turning or fading until it hit the mouth at the bottom, coming up just next to the bridge. This was because it has even more of a subtle fade than my previously used disc did!

My mind was blown!

Since that moment, this S-line FD has been getting pulled out of my bag for so many tunnel shots, where I was previously trying to perform hyzer-flips, for better accuracy.

The high glide rating of the FD lets this disc get some serious distance, surpassing any of my mids, and being comparable to many of my distance drivers.

Being a slower speed disc compared to most fairway drivers, it's ricochets aren't nearly as harsh and if I do miss my release, it's point-and-shoot ability keeps it on the line I throw and I don't get extra turn or fade from a bad shot that would typically make it worse.

I can see how this disc would be would be a fantastic disc for beginners as it is such a straight flying disc. A quality most players are looking for when they start playing.

For intermediates and advanced players, the FD is such a good utility disc as well as, being useful for doing hyzer-flips when thrown with a faster arm.

Again, with that high glide, big power will send this disc easily as far as many of your other distance drivers but with more dependable accuracy and less punishment for mistakes.

The FD is definitely going to be my sneaky addition to the bag for his tournament season. The disc I didn't know I needed but have come to love and one I wouldn't want to be without!

As a disclaimer, my S-line FD is from the Innova molding, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled to get my hands on one of the new Discmania-made FD's as soon as I can!

I can't vouch for how those fly yet, but research I've looked at says that FD's in more premium plastic can come out of the box a little more overstable, so my personal recommendation is to find yourself an S-line and let the straight shots and max distances in the woods begin!

You can check the full details of the FD by clicking any of the pictures or links below!

Happy Disc Golfing!

Speed 7, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 1

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