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Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

This disc is the beefier brother to the Ballista. More suited for wind and gaining more of a left fade, this disc can greatly impact your game if you have the arm speed to handle the 14 speed requirement. It comes in a variety of plastics such as Opto, Recycled, Gold, Moonshine, Opto-Air, and Opto-X.

Even with such a high speed rating, this disc is controllable through the fairways with a dependable fade at the end of the flight pattern.

Let's check the specs!

Latitude 64 Flight Numbers

Speed: 14




Primary use: Overstable distance driver for intermediate and advanced players


Overstable and fights through headwinds. Comes in a variety of plastics.

More stability than the Ballista.

With a wide rim and shallow depth, this disc fits well into most hands.


Requires a big arm speed for maximum benefit.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced level players.


The Ballista Pro is one of the discs that I have had consistently in my own bag since the first year I played and I have multiples of it laying around as back ups in various plastics. The recycled plastic feels very good in the hand and has a nice grip to it that doesn't feel like it'll ever slip out.

I highly recommend this plastic as it's become my personal favorite. This disc flies on straight lines for long distances before fading out at the end without using a flex flight.

Need a good spike hyzer? This disc has the fade and control to hold the line for it. With having a slight dome on it, this disc is primarily used for deep backhand shots. Highly recommended!

Check it out for yourself at by clicking on the picture below!

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