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Latitude 64 Diamond

In this article, we're going to take a look at arguably one of the most beginner friendly fairway drivers out there, the Latitude 64 Diamond.

If you've followed us for awhile, you may have noticed that we've mentioned this disc in several articles, including...

and because it is understable, even

So it's obvious that we think very highly of this disc and think that it is a great disc to get your hands on, especially if you're newer to the sport.

And most players of all abilities will generally agree, as players I know constantly told me how good of a disc it is whether they primarily bagged Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, or a completely mixed bag.

The disc has a fairly shallow rim compared to most putters and mid-ranges and if you're not used to drivers, but otherwise feels very comfortable in the hand.

It almost exclusively comes in lighter weights which will naturally make it more understable than it's flight ratings may indicate but is also one of the reasons why it is beginner friendly.

I suggest grabbing it in a more premium plastic such as Opto so it doesn't beat in too quickly and become any more understable, but even base plastics it will treat you well if it can stay clear of trees and avoid hard hyzer hits into the ground.

Let's check the full specs!

Latitude 64 Diamond Flight Numbers

Speed: 8


Turn: -3.1

Fade: 1

Primary use: Understable control driver for beginners


-Excellent (Excellent!) disc for beginners who are stepping up to drivers

-Lightweight makes it easier to throw

-Will still fade for slower arms, fly straight with appropriate speed, and can be turned over with stronger arms

-High glade will significantly aid in further distance


-Does not come in heavier weights, or at least very hard to find

-Better turnover options for more advanced players looking for an understable disc, such as the Discraft Avenger SS

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We do recommend that you learn proper throwing technique with putters and mid-ranges first, but when you're slowly creeping up your distance, the Diamond is the perfect disc to test the waters of control/fairway drivers without getting discouraged by other options fading out too quickly and killing your distance.

Even with slow arms, this disc will want to fly nice and straight with LOTS of glide and just a hint of soft fade at the end.

Most beginners who have some experience will find that this disc is VERY easy to manage and test different release angles with and will ultimately fly very straight for them, even when their arm strength improves.

Because of being lightweight and understable, expect this disc to immediately improve your throwing distance without being a complete turnover disc, especially when thrown with just a little bit of hyzer.

When I was starting to throw drivers more frequently as a beginner, this was a disc I constantly went for when maximum distance was my goal because I could depend on it turning just ever so slightly before gliding and fading nearly straight every single time.

With more power in my throw, I could hyzer flip it even with less than desired form.

As my arm strength improved, I would need to start adding more and more hyzer to it until the point that I would have to back off on power for risk of turning it over.

I primarily use it now at times for hyzer flips and turnover shots, but because of my improved arm strength, I now tend to use 9 and 10 speed discs more that are a little bit heavier and less flippy than the Diamond,

but I owe a lot of my improved abilities to the Diamond and have struggled to take it out of my bag.

If you are looking for a solid control driver that can give you a lot of distance and bridge the gap between your mid-ranges and control drivers, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this disc and I suggest you try one as soon as you can!

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