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Latitude 64 Sapphire

The 2021 version of the Trilogy Challenge featured a driver that many players have been excited to try out, myself included.

This easy to throw driver is advertised as a disc that is very easy to throw, and a step up from the popular Latitude 64 Diamond,

I finally was able to get my hands on one and do some field work with this excellent disc, and after putting some time in with it, I must say, I'm very impressed!

So without anymore delay, let's take a look at the,

Shown here is my Trilogy Challenge Sapphire!

My initial reaction to the Sapphire is that it feels very comfortable and familiar in the hand and it is very easy to find a confident grip with when getting ready to throw.

In that regard it does feel very similar to the Diamond (Which you can read the full review of HERE)

The difference is that while easy to throw, the Sapphire definitely requires more arm speed to get up and going, and when it's going, the impressive glide of 6 carries this driver down the fairway seemingly forever.

When thrown with a flat release, the disc does have a nice, S shaped flight pattern, but not as drastic as I expected as it did want to fly more overstable than stable for me.

Even with moderate, sub maximal power, the Sapphire flew very nicely and I was very pleased with how much control it offered me.

Naturally, it held a hyzer release very well and an anyzer release produced a more drastic S shaped, flight pattern.

It is possible, but it was not easy to hyzer flip this disc right out of the box as it seemed to be just a bit too stable and required a lot of effort to get it to flip to flat.

Because of this, I found my best distance results when throwing with a flat release and simply allowing the disc to do all the work.

That being said,

Let's check the full specs!

Latitude 64 Sapphire Flight Numbers

Speed: 10

Glide: 6

Turn: -1.8

Fade: 1.6

Primary use: Stable Distance Driver for beginner or intermediate players


-Very beginner friendly and easy to manage speed

-Flies with predictable stability

-Can handle a variety of lines


-Will need adequate arm strength to throw it within its assigned flight ratings

-While considered stable, will initially fly more overstable than understable

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I quickly realized that this disc did not take much effort relative to how far it wanted to travel down the fairway.

While I could get similar results of distance with a mid-range, I would be cranking those mid-ranges whereas with the Sapphire, just the right amount of touch on my shot was producing the same result.

When it comes to accuracy on the fairway, touch and sub-maximal throws are always going to yield better results than when throwing for maximum power, and that is exactly what this disc has to offer, despite being a 10 speed.

I suspect that as this disc beats in, it will fly with a much greater S shaped flight and a little less stability, but for now, it is still very controllable.

That being said, in my opinion slower arms will find that this is disc flies more as if it has a turn of 0 and fade of 2 rather -2 and 2 respectively.

As mentioned, this disc is advertised by Latitude 64 as being a part of their "easy to throw series", and after putting it through the paces, I have to agree.

Between being comfortable in the hand, having a very nice flight path, and being able to achieve great distances with moderate effort,

I would suggest the Sapphire to anyone looking to add an easy to throw, and easy to control distance driver to their bag.

And if you're ready for it, I do not think you'll be disappointed!

Try it today and let us know what you think!

You can shop the Latitude 64 Sapphire now at by clicking on the picture below!

Or by...

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