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Legacy Legend Vengeance

Recently released in the summer of 2020 comes the Vengeance by Legacy as a Drew Gibson Tour Series special. The Vengeance is a solid distance driver that will give you a reliable fade with both good distance for forehand and backhand shots.

Let's check the specs!

Legacy Vengeance Flight Numbers

Speed: 10




Primary use: Beadless, Stable Distance Driver in Premium Plastic


Comes in premium plastic and recommended for intermediate and advanced players

Works great for both backhand and forehand shots equally

Holds a great flat line with just a slight, reliable fade at the end of it's flight


Is a new release so unsure how it will beat in and how much consistency it will have

Stronger arms may overpower this disc as it is a speed 10


Initial impressions of this disc seem extremely positive with players are very pleased with the consistency and reliability seen on all types of throws.

It is rated as a stable/overstable distance driver that seems to toe the line closer to stable with the majority of players.

It appears that disc flies best with flat releases and will give just a little bit of turn followed by a reliable amount of fade at the end of a 350-400' flight.

Players are also very happy with the quality of the plastic and how it feels in the hand as this disc is offered in Legend plastic, a premium blend offered by Legacy, and at a reasonable price for premium plastic.

Shop this new disc now at by clicking on the picture below!

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