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Axiom Pyro

In this review spotlight, we are going to take a look at the popular mid-range from Axiom discs,

The Pyro!

Axiom Discs, if you don't know, are manufactured by the up and coming and popular brand M.V.P. Disc Sports, the sponsor of current Disc Golf Pro James Conrad.

Axiom and M.V.P. Discs are unique in that they feature two different types of plastics on all of their discs for both a unique look and feel that players are falling in love with!

The Pyro is a rather overstable mid-range offering from Axiom that is highly touted by players for its excellent reliability.

It's over-stability makes it an excellent forehand option but its reliable fade makes it a favorable choice for long approaches to the basket that may be just out of reach comfortably with a putter.

The Pyro shown here in the Prism Neutron Plastic and an awesome stamp,

Click on the picture to check it out at!

Because of it's stability, the Pyro will be very reluctant to turn on you and will always reliably fade at the end of it's relatively straight flight, similar to the Discraft Buzzz OS or the Innova Roc3.

It's beefy enough to also resist and combat winds, and will perform particularly well in headwinds as the over-stability will make it fly straight as an arrow.

Hyzer lines is where this disc will truly shine with both forehand and backhand approaches and it will hold that line for it's entire flight if desired.

Let's check the specs!

Axion Pyro Flight Numbers

Speed: 5.1

Glide: 3.8

Turn: 0

Fade: 2.7

Primary use: Overstable, Beadless Mid-Range suitable for all players


-Extremely reliable fade/overstability

-Very comfortable in most hands

-Performs great in winds and with forehand/backhand approaches equally well

-Suitable for all players


-May be too overstable for weaker arms, limiting distance

- Very turn resistant, which can be a pro or con depending on your desired shot


The Axiom/M.V.P. line up may be unfamiliar to some players but should not be a brand you overlook when searching for any discs as they produce some great products!

As mentioned, the Pyro is a great mid-range option for anyone looking for something that is over-stable in many different conditions, especially head winds.

Something we did not mention is that because of it's stability, it is a great option for all flex shots, such as anny-flicks and those S-shaped back hand shots to get you through some tight tunnels and increase the distance of this disc.

Couple this with all the features we discussed and you can see why some consider it a utility disc of sorts as it does so many different things for so many different players.

If it checks all the boxes for a disc that you're on the lookout for or seems to be a disc option that will fill a hole in your bag nicely, do not, I repeat, do not hesitate to get your hands on one to try out!

You can check out more about this disc at by clicking any of the links or pictures provided, so do so ASAP and as always,

Happy Disc Golfing!

You can shop the Axiom Pyro now at by

clicking on the picture below!

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