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Westside Gatekeeper

In this review, we're going to be taking a look at one of 3 discs from the 2019 Trilogy Challenge, the

Being the Trilogy Challenge, the Gatekeeper was the mid-range offering for this particular year and of of 3 discs given in the player pack for this fun, annual tournament.

The Dynamic Discs Vandal control driver and the Latitude 64 Keystone putter complimented the Gatekeeper as part of the full player pack each player received.

The Vandal gets the slight edge for my favorite disc out of this player pack, but the Gatekeeper was right behind it in many ways, shapes, and forms!

Despite being considered overstable, this quality mid-range offers an extremely straight flight that is consistent with other stable discs such as the Buzzz, but with just a touch more fade right at the end of it's flight that can be counted on with every throw.

Shown here is my personal Trilogy Challenge Gatekeeper!

One thing you will notice right out of the "gate" with this disc is the Speed 4 rating, as this disc will seemingly fly like a putter out of the hand.

Luckily, the Glide of 5 will still allow you to throw mid-range distances as I was able to consistently get 240'-270' with my backhand on flat terrain and a slight tail wind.

As mentioned, the disc will fly very straight for you with average power before fading out mildly in the last third of its full flight. With the tailwind, the Gatekeeper did want to fade more than the flight numbers indicated, which is what you would expect with most discs under those conditions.

The Gatekeeper also performed equally well when thrown forehand and held its straight flying flight pattern very well.

Let's check the full specs!

Westside Gatekeeper Flight Numbers

Speed: 4.1

Glide: 5

Turn: -0.1

Fade: 2

Primary use: Beadless, Overstable Mid-Range suitable for all players


-Easy to control

-Slow speed and deep rim will help prevent skips past the basket on layups

-Slower arms will throw this disc well but will fly with more fade


-Does seem to catch headwinds more than desired if thrown too high

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All in all, most players out there looking for a straight flying mid-range would be very happy to add the Gatekeeper to their bag.

For me, the disc was more of a "tweener" disc for me as the stability seems to fall somewhere between my current bagged mid-ranges, the Buzzz and Buzzz OS.

Unfortunately, I just can't find a place for it in my bag at this time, but if I had a larger bag with more capacity, it would certainly find a spot because it would be well utilized in situations where I need more fade than the Buzzz but much less fade than the Buzzz OS.

As stated, it will fly extremely straight with minimal fade, which is sure to keep you on even the narrowest of fairways whether you're throwing off the tee or an upshot to the basket.

So if you get a chance to give it a throw, seize the moment!

Happy Disc Golfing!

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