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Discraft Sol

In this review, we're going to look at a very popular understable mid-range option that players of all skill levels have grown to love, the

Years ago, I was in the market for a reliable, understable mid-range to add to my bag of tricks, specifically for short to mid-range up hill shots and similar distance turnover shots.

I ended up settling on the Discraft Meteor, which you can check out my review of HERE.

But the Sol was definitely in the running and one of the finalists that I was down to before bagging the Meteor.

My 2018 Ace Race version of the Sol!

Right off the bat, I was very pleased with how comfortable in the hand the Sol felt, despite it’s relatively deeper rim at 1.9 cm.

I prefer beadless discs for my throwers, so the depth of the rim didn’t bother me at all as the beadless rim felt great and very comparable to other discs in my bag.

As for understability, the Sol will definitely fill this slot as every player should have no trouble getting this disc to turnover if they need to, barring there isn’t an extreme tailwind, it’’s thrown extremely slow, or with an excess of hyzer.

Speed and glide are both manageable and probably average ratings among most mid-ranges.

The speed of 4 is especially suited for newer or slower armed players as you will have little trouble getting this disc to fly within it’s flight ratings and achieve decent distant with it’s rated glide of 5.

Despite all of these pros, I did not permanently bag this disc, which I will get into soon, but before I wrap up my thoughts,

Let's check the full specs of the Sol!

Discraft Sol Flight Numbers

Speed: 4

Glide: 4.9

Turn: -2.8

Fade: 0.3

Primary use: Understable Mid-Range for Beginner and Intermediate Players


-Very easy to throw for new players

-Can be used for hyzer flips for increased distance

-Great for uphill and turnover shots


-May be more flippier than desired for some stronger armed players

-Slower than some other mid-ranges with a speed of 4

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As noted, the Sol features a turn of -2.8, which definitely makes it understable as you can probably assume, and the fade is minimal at just 0.3.

These are definitely flight ratings you would expect and desire in an understable disc, so why did I not bag the Sol if it was comfortable in the hand and plenty understable?

Simply put, it was just a little bit too understable for me at times.

I would throw it on hyzer or with a flat release, and it would flip up, turnover, but then turn and burn just a little bit too much for my liking. Not quite roller territory, but enough to keep me from where I wanted to be.

The Meteor on the other hand was much more controllable for me and my personal playing style, probably due in part to it’s slightly higher speed ratings, and because it has a fade of 1 with it’s -2.8 turn, rather than 0 fade like the Sol.

The Sol did feel great in the hand however, and I really enjoyed playing with it for several weeks as I was going through my selection process.

I feel that slower armed players, or newer players will find favor the Sol as it is a perfect option when learning to throw in general, as well as learning turnover shots and hyzer flips as their skills improve.

More experienced players can definitely still enjoy this disc too, they will just need to have better release angle and power control than what I do.

That being said, the Sol is a solid option to fill the understable mid-range slot of your bag, and even if you don’t end up bagging it, I truly believe you will enjoy throwing, so give it a shot!

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