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What Is The Best Discraft Distance Driver?

You’ve decided that you’d like to add some distance drivers to your bag, and you are a fan of Discraft discs.

You may even bag some of their best putters or best mid-ranges already, but with such a selection, finding the best distance drivers can be somewhat challenging.

While every player has a different skill set, different experience level, and different arm strength, in this article we’re going to take a look at the

10 Best Discraft Distance Drivers

that are often chosen by players from around the world!

While this list is not exhaustive or exclusive, it is a great starting spot for those who aren’t sure where to start in their search for their next distance driver.

You may even end up bagging a completely different brand altogether.

But we’re confident that you’ll be able to find several options from this list to add to your bag that will give you confidence the next time you’re out on the disc golf course.

As stated, there are tons of options available from Discraft in all categories, including distance drivers.

Lucky for you, we've already done the research for you to save time and make your purchase process just a little bit easier.

In this article, we're going to give you the best options available and you’ll be able to find stable, understable, and overstable options in addition to a quick description of what to expect from that particular disc.

So without further ado, let's get into it!

Simply click on any of the names or pictures to shop the disc you're interested in at

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, -3, 2

First up on our list is the very popular, Thrasher!

I know it’s intimidating to start off with a 12 speed driver, but the Thrasher is one of the more user friendly discs on our list due in part to it’s slight understability with a turn of -3 and fade of just 2.

Even players with weaker arms will be able to get a nice flight path out of this driver, especially if thrown flat or even on a little bit of anhyzer.

If you have a faster arm, you will really enjoy this distance driver as it will provide nice distance down the fairway if you can get a full flight pattern by using the turn and fade ratings to your advantage.

Too much speed or anhyzer, or too much headwind however, and this disc may turn over and never have the chance to fade back.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an easy to throw distance driver for those bomber shots, then the Thrasher is your disc.

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 12, 6, -3, 2

Up next is a disc that will certainly contend with the Thrasher some day for the top spot if it hasn’t already, and that disc is the Hades!

The Hades was initially released as a Paul McBeth series disc and has been popular among players both pro and amateur ever since.

Nearly identical to the Thrasher, the key difference between the two is that the Hades has a bump in glide rating from 5 to 6. Meaning it is capable of the same long distance flights as the Thrasher, but with a little bit less effort than required by the Thrasher.

The speed of 12, turn of -3, and fade of 2 is still going to give you very good distances, especially when you can achieve a full, S-shaped flight pattern.

Like the Thrasher, you’ll still need to worry a little about overpowering this disc if it is thrown flat in certain conditions, or with too much anhyzer, but otherwise it will be favorite of yours in no time.

It can be used both backhand and forehand, so be sure to give this versatile disc a try!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 10, 5, -3, 1

While the first 2 discs on our list are considered to be somewhat understable, up next is the first real understable option we‘re highlighting, the Avenger SS!

At first glance, the Avenger SS will look just like your classic, easy to throw understable distance driver, and it certainly is just that. But you’ll be surprised to learn that it is also an extremely versatile disc as players bag it for many many different reasons.

Because it is so understable, many pro players bag it to use as their reliable roller disc. Amateurs on the other hand will find themselves using the Avenger SS to bridge the gap from fairway driver to distance driver, and to use on big long distance throws by using it for hyzer flips because of how easy it throws.

If you have a faster arm you may turn this disc over frequently, and it probably won’t be your best option for max distance throws, even for hyzer flips. But I continue to bag mine as it comes in very handy for when I need a lot of distance throwing up hill, or I‘m dealing with a strong tailwind where a more stable disc may fade out too much on me.

Despite being one of my first distance drivers I bagged, I still find a lot of use for it years later, and I think you will too, so give it a chance!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, 0, 3

Flipping the script, we switch gears from understable to talk about the first overstable option so far and the one preferred among many players, the Force!

When it comes to being overstable, the Force is definitely up for the task in providing plenty of fade in all situations you need it to.

Headwinds will be no challenge at all as the Force will always want to fight back and fade, even when thrown flat or on anhyzer.

Because of this, you can be assured it’s not just great for situations where a hard left finish is required (RHBH players), but can also be used when you need a flex shot of any kind, both backhand or forehand.

It’s stable enough to handle forehand shots with max power too, not just the short finesse type shots.

The speed of 12 may make it a little challenging to throw at first for beginners, but if you need stability, the Force will give it to you!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, -1, 3

As we reach the halfway point, we arrive at the fairly new, Discraft Zeus.

Originally released as the Kong during the prototype phase, the Zeus was created to compete with the classic long distance flight ratings seen with other popular options from other brands, most especially the Innova Destroyer.

What makes these flight ratings popular? Well the turn of -1 and fade of 3 means that this disc will nearly never turn over on you, even in head winds, unless of course it is very well beat in.

It also means that you will often get a full, and classic, s-shaped flight pattern on most your throws where you can achieve a clean release that is nose down, and not too high.

The speed of 12 can be a little difficult to manage if you don’t quite have the arm strength, but is also makes it very suitable for players who have a developed forehand throw as the Zeus will soar down the fairway regardless if thrown forehand or backhand.

If you’re looking for another long distance option, and want something that isn’t considered stable or understable due to fear of turning over, then the Zeus is the disc you’ve been waiting for!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 11, 5, -1, 3

When it comes to user friendly flight ratings, the Zeus may have what a lot of players desire, but the Surge actually features my personal favorite ratings, and I think you may like them too!

The Surge is nearly identical to the Zeus in terms of flight ratings, but with a speed rating that is a little more manageable at 11.

What this means is that you still have yourself a disc that is going to be very resistant to turning over, unless of course it is very beat in, but still possess the perfect amount of turn and fade to get a full flight which equals long distance.

Because the speed rating is lower, more players will be able to handle this distance driver option without fear of it being too overstable and killing distance. This lower speed is also still plenty fast for forehand dominant players to use for maximum distance as well.

If an 11 speed disc sounds appealing, you’ll definitely want to consider the Surge!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 13, 5, -1, 3

Where the Surge may be slow version of the Zeus, our next disc is the faster version, and that disc is the Discraft Nuke.

As you may expect, the Nuke is rated nearly identical to our previous 2 distance driver options, but instead of a speed of 12 like the Zeus, or a speed of 11 like the Surge, the Nuke comes in with a speed rating of 13!

If you have a strong arm, then you’ll definitely be able to handle this high speed, but players with slower arms may also find use for this disc when faced with a high wind wind.

For this reason, you may even find yourself bagging the Zeus, Surge, and Nuke for these various situations.

If you’re a big armed player, and love the flight path afforded by a glide of 5, turn of -1 and fade of 3, then you‘ll need to order yourself a Nuke.

If you like the idea of the Nuke but need something just a little bit more stable to understable, then you’ll also need to consider the Nuke SS.

Click on the picture to check out the Nuke!

Flight Ratings: 13, 5, -2, 2

Moving on to #8 on our list, we arrive at a stable distance driver option, the Discraft Crank!

Despite being so far down, the Crank is one of our more stable, straight flying recommendations with an evened out turn of -2 and fade of 2.

These ratings do make the Crank on more of the understable side of stability, but this gets balanced out some with it’s rather high speed rating of 13, meaning that most players will likely not turn this disc over regularly unless there is a stout headwind or they have a cannon for a throwing arm.

If you liked some of our earlier suggestions but were concerned with the -3 and the possibility of a disc turning over, then the Crank may just be the perfect solution for you!

Click on the picture to check it out!

9. Discraft Crush

Flight Ratings: 11, 5, 0, 4

Sometimes, you’re not always looking for maximum distance from your distance driver, and instead want an option that is going to tackle any wind or condition you throw it in and still maintain it’s stability, and the Crush is just that!

With its extremely high fade of 4, the Crush is about as beefy as they come in terms of overstability.

It’s speed of 11 makes it manageable for most players to throw, and it’s glide of 5 will still get you down the fairway with respectable distance, but this disc is meant for those situations where you absolutely do not want your disc to turn over, regardless of wind direction and strength.

You can expect a somewhat straight flight path initially, but the Crush will always fight to fade back regardless of what line you’re planning to throw it on.

If this sounds like something you need, then be sure to give it a shot!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 11, 4, 0, 4

Speaking of overstability, we round out our top 10 list with another beefy option for you to consider, the Machete!

The Machete is similar in many ways to the Crush outside of having just slightly less glide, with a rating of 4. This means that you can expect slightly less distance from the Machete, making it more of a utility disc than a distance driver in terms of how you’ll likely use it.

Forehand, backhand, and overhand, this 11 speed driver can handle all of your overstable needs when out on the course.

Like the Crush, the Machete will never turn over on you as its nil turn and fade of 4 makes this disc more than capable of fighting through all types of playing conditions while maintaining it‘s flight characteristics.

If you need an overstable utility option for your bag, chop your way through the competition with the Machete!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Honorable Mention: Discraft Scorch

Flight Ratings: 11, 6, -2, 2

Before wrapping up this list, we wanted to include 1 more option that just missed our top 10, the understable to neutral flying Discraft Scorch

The Scorch is identical in flight ratings to a popular Innova offering, the Mystere, and you can expect similar flight from it because of this.

Described as a “longer flying Avenger SS”, the 11 rated speed is easy for most intermediate players to handle and the glide of 6 will get you some serious distance down the fairway.

Combine these features with a turn of -2 and fade of 2, and you have yourself an excellent distance driver option for intermediate level skill sets to bag for maximum distance situations. So check it out today!

Click on the picture to check it out!

And that concludes our list!

From this list, we’re confident you can find the perfect array of distance drivers to fill every slot in your bag.

There is no shortage of understable options, as well as more neutral flying stable ones, and definitely some beefy ones to tackle those tricky headwinds and overstable hyzer shots.

Discraft is a very reputable disc manufacturer, so rest assured that regardless of plastic you choose, you’ll be getting an excellent disc that you’ll be able to use for a long time!

So order some discs, unbox them the day they come, and start chucking them down the fairway or test them in a field to add them to your bag as quickly as possible.

Having a reliable section of distance drivers in your bag is a must, and this list will get you a head start on building the perfect bag in no time.

That being said,

Happy Disc Golfing!

Do you think that we missed a distance driver option or have one that you have in your bag that we didn’t mention?

Be sure to let us know!

Again, if you're also looking for some of the best Discraft Putters or Discraft Mid-Ranges, be sure to check them out next!

You can shop all Discraft distance drivers at by clicking on the banner below!

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