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Why Play Disc Golf?

I get this question all the time from those who don't play or are intrigued to play, and it gets me all kinds of amped up to answer!

So without wasting any time, let's get into it!

Competitive Edge

First and foremost, disc golf is an excellent way to continue being competitive no matter your skill level or athletic ability. Games are fun and people find an enjoyment for playing them with or against other people.

You can play solo or with a group as you can always be trying to best your own scores.

Trying to beat your personal score at your local course is always fun regardless of your skill level, and playing against others allows you to see how you stack up among friends new and old.

Getting Outdoors

Many people love the availability to be outside in decent weather, especially if you've been cooped up much of the winter season.

Luckily, disc golf can be played during any season and in virtually all weather conditions if you can tolerate it.

Play Virtually Anywhere

For the most part, playing disc golf at thousands of locations is free, allowing you to play all day long or at multiple courses at only the cost of your fuel and possibly food and drink to stay ready to play.

Disc golf has been blowing up in popularity and with this, more and more permanent courses are popping up.

If you desire being in the woods, they're there. If you want an open course to work on your long game, they're also there.

Courses can be found in state parks, colleges, high schools, rural parks, and sometimes even previously established golf courses.

If you don't have a nearby course or a basket of your own, you can always play disc golf without a basket!


It is recommended that we as individuals get so much exercise per week, elevating our heart rates and moving our joints through their ranges of motion to promote good joint health, bone density, and decreasing arthritic changes.

At the minimum, you're getting out walking, performing throwing motions, and picking up your disc golf disc.

More than that, you could find yourself hiking mountain sides, carrying a heavy bag, pulling a disc golf cart, and getting more exercise than you would be sitting at your job all day.

New friendships

Some of the nicest people you'll meet are disc golfers. Sure, you can run into your occasional bad egg, but that's life.

Disc golfers tend to be very inviting, encouraging, and respectful of the courses they play and depend on.

Most people would be happy to have you jump into their group at the beginning of a round so that you have others to compete or learn from.


That knack for improvement or getting better is something that many of us strive for in a hobby and disc golf is no exception as it doesn't know any boundaries when it comes to progressing as much as you're wanting/willing to.

You can play for fun every now and then, or dive into the competitive scene participating in leagues or tournaments.

You can play with 1-3 discs or become a collector of hundreds as they're always evolving and coming up with different stamps for them.

Your skill level can slowly progress or you can make changes to drastically improve, it all depends on how serious your are and how badly you want to improve.

Now it's time for you to get out and play!

Disc golf is the perfect game that's always going to challenge your abilities and mind set. It brings friends and family together for a round of exercise and competitiveness, especially if you get into playing doubles!

Once you go out and finally try disc golf, it doesn't take long to see the beauty in discs flying through the air.

Trying backhand and forehands, throwing becomes mesmerizing as the discs begin to go where you want them to. And with that, there's the ever-seeking sound of the chains getting banged by putt after putt.

There's something about it that seems to release endorphins in great amounts when you see and hear a putt hit dead center from 30 feet or more. It's fascinating.

Personally, I can say that transitioning from playing golf recreationally to playing disc golf regularly, due to the lack of expenses, significantly allowed me to practice and get so much better at the latter.

It's been the most fun way to compete against other players, the drive that keeps me going.

Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a starter pack, and get out for a round with your friends and family to introduce more people to this beautiful activity. Playing locally or during travel makes getting some discs well worth the investment.

If you'd rather buy a full bag worth of discs over getting a starter pack, then I suggest checking out THIS ARTICLE where we show you some of the best beginner discs to get you going!

You can always shop for latest and greatest disc golf gear

at Infinite Discs by clicking on the banner below!

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